At DEMEY Management, we believe that companies can significantly increase their performance by improving their ability to transform their uncertainties into opportunities and adapt their business model accordingly. In our opinion this change process even accelerates when companies become more insight driven and agile. This approach will make companies smarter, stronger and faster.

We argue that our solutions are sustainable because we keep a direct link to strategic and executive management and because we handle every assignment from a holistic and multi-transversal approach.

Our in-house developed approach allows an optimal selection of the following solutions in order to achieve the desired results:

Transforming uncertainties into opportunities

Uncertainty is often subjective and depends strongly on the knowledge and information available. This difference in intelligence versus competitors is in many cases a first open door in taking opportunities considered to be risks by others or at least provides the identification of opportunities not seen by others.

This starts by identifying and assessing the uncertainties and challenges and adequately reacting to these risks and opportunities by Risk & Opportunity Management Programs, Innovation Programs and/or even Business or Organisational Transformation Programs.

Realised successes by DEMEY Management:

  1. Design and group wide implementation of a unique approach in the leasing sector to develop new solutions and to guide, advise and inspire clients in their transition to cleaner fleets and smarter mobility as a reaction to the Diesel Controversy
  2. Guiding asset risk management teams in their design and implementation of asset risk management strategies and asset valuation process
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Business Transformation

Business Transformation is a change management strategy with the aim to better align people, processes and technology with their strategy and vision. We usually switch to business transformation if there is a change within the company due to external changes: the market, increased competition in terms of products or services or changed legislation. In turn this helps to support and innovate new business strategies.

Realised successes by DEMEY Management:

  1. Managing an Energy Transition Program in Europe including transforming sales, consulting, asset and financial management strategies and practices
  2. Design of a strategic roadmap to increase the market influencing role of a Consulting unit in Europe
  3. Transforming the business model of a local entity of a stock exchanged quoted BI consulting company from an “interim service based” towards a “solution & service provider” - model
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Creating an Insight Driven Organisation

Insight or Data driven organisations outperform competitors thanks to being in advance of identifying market and business trends which allows them to react faster, to decide smarter, to be more efficient, to develop new products and services and to increase client and employee satisfaction.

Realised successes by DEMEY Management:

  1. Design of a decision-making process guiding in growth, (des)investment and profitability decisions
  2. Roadmap and strategy enabling data intelligence practices within asset risk management and modelling
  3. Set up of a management information process allowing strategic shift decisions
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Creating a more Adaptable or Agile Organisation

An Agile Organisation (also known as “The Resilient Organisation”) quickly and successfully responds to changes in the marketplace or environment. A highly agile organisation reacts successfully to the emergence of new competitors, rapid advancements in technology and sudden shifts in overall market conditions.

Realised successes by DEMEY Management:

  1. Successful change how local management teams in Europe identifies, acts and reacts upon specific market changes
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