At DEMEY Management, we believe that each company can offer a better performance than what they do today with regard to either growth, profitability, influence or impact. That’s why we have the mission to help companies in achieving this “quantum leap”.

We believe that we can realize this by making companies smarter, stronger and faster thanks to the solutions and services we offer.

You will find that our solutions are sustainable because we keep a direct link to strategic and executive management and because we handle every assignment from a holistic and multi-transversal approach.

In order to realize this mission sustainably, we actively invest in creating a network of both partners and specialists and we regularly consider participating in companies.

Jona Demey

Jona Demey

Managing Director

DEMEY Management is founded by Jona Demey who executed various expert, senior management and board director positions in various functional disciplines in which he successfully created sustainable value and took practices, departments and organisations to a higher level of performance.

Main successes realised:

  1. Transforming loss making units in profitable and growing entities
  2. Changing crisis management situation to an “in controlled” – status
  3. Changing organizations to best practice generating organisms
  4. Transforming complex challenges into manageable solutions
  5. Start-up of departments, practices and units